About Us
Lexicon’s Do Not Call Policy

Lexicon Marketing is dedicated to providing you with an excellent customer experience as well as following all of the different regulations promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission. Lexicon Marketing will contact you via telephone, when you have requested information of one of its products or services, to service your account, or when your name has been given out by one of our customers as a reference for his/her account.

If you do not want to be contacted, and want to be placed in Lexicon’s Internal Do Not Call List, please call 888.231.7557 and leave your contact information or send an email to donotcall@lexiconmarketing.com with your complete name and phone number. Please allow 30 days to process your request. If your request is not applicable a Lexicon agent will contact you back.

We are the University of the Hispanic Marketing