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Company History

Lexicon Marketing began in Miami, Florida in 1974, with the goal of serving the educational needs of the Hispanic community in the United States. José Luis Nazar, Lexicon's founder, recognized the need for Hispanics to learn English with an appropriate method, a method that was convenient to use at home and easy to comprehend. As a recent immigrant to the US from Chile, Mr. Nazar knew, first hand, the difficulties involved in learning English with the then available resources. He set about to provide the right tools for Hispanics to learn English and succeed in the US by creating his first audiovisual course, "Inglés sin Barreras,"
a title that has become a household name in the US Hispanic community.

In 1985, Lexicon moved its headquarters to its current location in Los Angeles, California. Today, a team of experienced professionals from throughout the Americas and Europe run the day-to-day operations of Lexicon Marketing and strive to serve the Hispanic community throughout the world. Today, the company develops and sells English language products in the US and Latin America, serving the needs of consumers and businesses, helping people achieve their goals through the acquisition of language skills, professional skills, and life skills. Lexicon has become the leading company in providing self-study language products to the US Hispanic market and has a 95% brand recognition in US Hispanic households.

Lexicon Marketing maintains its leading position by constantly improving its existing products and introducing new products, like "Inglés sin Barreras," "Video Teacher," and "Hello America". In 1997 Lexicon formed a strategic partnership with The Walt Disney Company to produce "Disney's World of English." This innovative product for children and families combines Disney's magic with the most advanced teaching techniques for children. Lexicon is always looking for ways to increase the number of products and services it offers its community and meet the demands of Hispanic consumers.

Because of the company's constant evolution and its commitment to the public it serves, Lexicon has earned a secure spot among the top Hispanic companies in the US. Lexicon ranks in the top Hispanic 500 and has earned numerous accolades for its level of service and dedication to the Hispanic community.

In January of 2003, Lexicon Marketing was acquired by Golden Gate Capital. Lexicon continues to grow in partnership with the expanding Hispanic community in the US.

We are the University of the Hispanic Marketing