About Us

Lexicon is the developer and marketer of Inglés sin Barreras, the world's best selling video-based English learning program. Inglés sin Barreras is Spanish for "English without Barriers" which summarizes our approach to the Hispanic market. Since 1974, we've been removing obstacles for our Hispanic customers, helping them gain their full share of the American dream.

Our faith in the integrity of our customers, our belief that they are among America's most motivated, hardest working, and fiscally responsible consumers, has led to a lasting and loyal relationship. We've lifted economic barriers, establishing credit for our Spanish-speaking customers when others would not. Our fun, entertaining, and easy-to-use learning products have opened new opportunities for our customers and their families, paving the way to greater confidence, personal satisfaction, academic achievement, and economic success.

Lexicon remains an innovator in the arena of financing; finding new ways to help our customers responsibly establish and take advantage of credit. We are dedicated to researching, developing, and promoting a new wave of high-value products specifically tailored to meet the needs of Hispanic consumers.

Today, Lexicon continues to eliminate barriers and contribute to the advancement and achievement of Hispanics in the United States and abroad. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you, creating a world that is "sin Barreras."

We are the University of the Hispanic Marketing